YEEHAW Boat Towel

YEEHAW Boat Towel

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Our towel is just the perfect size to fit in your boat bag. Our logo is permanently died into the fabric, keeping it super smooth and soft.

It features the Saltwater Ranch logo, a cattle brand aka the original way of marking your stuff. Speaking of original, we can thank the ocean for bringing us cattle and the inspiration for Saltwater Ranch. You may know that the first cattle in the United States came by boat to Florida 500 years ago when Spain still ruled over the wild and untamed peninsula. That cattle went on to shape American culture and the rest, as they say, is history. Even as centuries pass and once vast wild spaces become congested, we can still look to the ocean and find wild and untamed nature filled with awe and beauty.

Saltwater Ranch is a brand born of the ocean and inspired by the culture of the Wild West. It's an open ocean where freedom still exists, it's everchanging yet familiar beauty, it's wide brimmed cowboy hats protecting us from an unforgiving sun, it's blue water that inspires awe, it's a boat that takes us there. All that's left for you is to #GetRopedIn.

• 52% cotton, 48% polyester
• Fabric weight: 10.6 oz/y² (360 g/m²)