Our Why:

Our company 'why' is to embody the western-inspired coastal community in country music so that, together, our collective influence could help enrich the genre and give back to the coastal areas that we love.


What We Believe:

We believe that boats and country music go hand in hand. We've firmly planted our flag in the country music community and we're committed to promoting and expanding it.

We believe The Ocean Is Our Wild West. It's an open ocean where freedom reigns, it's an everchanging yet familiar beauty, it's blue water that inspires awe, it's a boat that takes us there. All that's left for you is to #GetRopedIn

We believe in being good stewards of the environment. We work to reduce waste by making products on demand and using limited packaging in the shipping process. We have also begun to assess strategic partnerships that will allow us to protect and restore the coastal waters that give us the life we love.