Chris Janson Surprises Beachgoers Playing His Music

Imagine you’re at the beach with your friends and family playing songs like: "Buy Me a Boat," "Fix a Drink," and all of a sudden Chris Janson walks up and introduces himself and thanks you for being a fan! Well for one family last summer, it actually happened!

It all happened when Chris was on vacation with his family at the beach. He heard his songs playing on the speakers of someone nearby and couldn't resist the opportunity to say hello. He walked over, introduced himself, and even posed for a few photos with the surprised fans. It just goes to show that you never know who might be listening to your favorite country tunes!

So, if you're planning a beach day this summer, you might want to consider playing some Chris Janson. Who knows, maybe he'll show up and say hello!

But even if you can't catch Chris on the beach, you still have a chance to see him in concert. He'll be performing in Atlanta TONIGHT, and it's sure to be a show you won't want to miss. Chris is known for his high-energy performances and he always puts on a great show.

Plus, he has some exciting new collaborations. He recently teamed up with country legend Dolly Parton and rock icon SLASH for a new song called "21 Forever" and it's already getting a lot of buzz.

Take a look at his concert lineup so you so you won’t miss a chance to sing along to all your favorite Chris Janson hits live and maybe even hear some new music from his upcoming album.

So, whether you're hitting the beach, at the sandbar on the boat, Chris Janson is definitely an artist to keep on your playlists. Turn it up and who knows, you might even get the chance to meet him in person!

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