Brian Kelley teases new songs: “Saltwater Ranch” and “See You Next Summer”

Ever since Brian Kelley (better known to us fans as “BK”) released his first solo album “Sunshine State Of Mind,” we’ve been wanting more of his Tropicountry hits to put on our playlists. Lately he’s been teasing songs named "Saltwater Ranch" and "See You Next Summer,” which gets us excited for what’s to come!

So far his music is a unique combination of where country and the coast collide and represents the fishing, boating, country-rooted, and laid-back lifestyle on the coast. Put on songs like Florida Boy Forever or "Made By The Water" and you’ll wish you were a 7th generation Floridian or on vacation (if only in our minds).

From the sounds of it, the song “Saltwater Ranch” will be our anthem (obviously). The only song we’ve had even close to this is Margaritaville but technically that’s not even country music. After hearing him tease the song, we can’t wait to sing it at [sand]bars and on boats everywhere for decades to come.

BK’s upcoming concert at the Band Shell in Daytona is a must-see for us and will be our first time there! We hear it’s situated right by the beach too. As a native of Daytona, we’d bet BK will bring his A-game and puts on a show that represents his hometown well.

If you're interested in attending the concert, tickets are available on his website. Get ready to sing along to "Saltwater Ranch" and "See You Next Summer" and celebrate the best of country and coast!

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